About Jon

About Jon

Jon Hamilton


Jon Hamilton  serves as the President of Christian FM Networks.  Christian FM provides music and programming for Christian radio stations all across the USA.  Jon also serves as General Manager of the Christian FM flagship station, WSCF-FM in Vero Beach, Florida, whose FM facilities serve156 miles of Atlantic coastline in south-central Florida. 

Jon began his broadcast career in 1981 in Charlotte, N.C. He has worked as a broadcast personality, programmer, General Manager, and Network Executive in both mainstream and Christian broadcasting.  Jon has a passion for using technology and contemporary language to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is evidenced in the rapid growth of Christian FM, as well as in Jon's missionary endeavors on foreign soil. 

An ordained minister and gifted teacher, Jon is also the author of two books and is a frequent speaker at churches and conferences. 

Jon is also a musician and songwriter. He teaches regularly at Central Assembly of God, in Vero Beach, Florida where he serves as a Presbyter.

Jon and his wife Tammye are the homeschooling parents of eight children.  


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